Barabas Hotel Luzern
6004 Luzern

Welcome to Barabas - the first prison hotel in Switzerland! You don't have to book an expensive flight to San Francisco to visit a former prison. Here in Lucerne it is much cheaper and secondly you can dive into the historical criminal world of yesteryear and still sleep wonderfully. In contrast to the past, our guests can expect a completely renovated building with a lot of prison comfort and above all: comfortable beds! It goes without saying that the physical well-being of our inmates is also taken care of and water and bread are generously pushed aside and replaced with all kinds of delicacies. Get booked in today! The Barabas Hotel offers you a choice of 60 different prison cells. These include shared rooms with bunk bathrooms or single, twin and family rooms with private bathrooms.
60 rooms 50 m2 6 Walking minutes to public transport in the center for small budgets Kick-off meetings Retreats Workshops Strategy meetings Management away days Staff events

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«Barabas Hotel Luzern» Luzern


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