Strategic partnership –
cost reduction in seminar room booking

The starting position
Currently there are framework contracts for seminar packages and overnight stays between company X and many seminar hotels in Switzerland. These many contracts are to be minimised in order to improve transparency within the company towards the employees and to have only one contact person for the whole segment.
Actual state
On the intranet of company X, all seminar hotels are listed according to region, scope/type of event, price range and city/country in order to give employees a rough overview. The employees then select the desired hotel and contact it directly to make the reservation. Although many hotels are predefined, this search causes enormous process costs. In addition, all contracts must be checked at certain control points and possibly renegotiated.
Target state
The implementation
We provide Company X with an ordering tool with direct access to an extensive hotel partner network. Over 1300 hotels are listed. Company X enters the order directly via the online tool. We organise at least three hotel offers for company X and store the originals in the tool. A telephone hotline is available during normal office hours.

After the employees of company X have checked the offers, they give us the OK to sign the contract. We make a binding booking for Company X for the seminar rooms, hotel rooms and F&B services in accordance with the original offer.

After the event, we request the invoice for the booked event from the hotel and deposit it in the online tool for company X. Company X gives the OK for payment. The latter gives the go-ahead for payment. As the hotel's contractual partner, we take over the payment and then invoice Company X for the amount in digitalised form via SAP.
For full transparency, we always send you the original seminar hotel statement with our invoice.
To ensure that your accounting department and your buyers have seminar costs under control at all times, you have the option of accessing a wide range of information with our reporting:

Orders placed

  • Transparent reporting of all previous years and the current year
  • Breakdown of all figures for individual seminar houses, clients and departments, e.g. number of orders, bookings, booking quota and the average number of participants.

Figures on invoiced bookings

  • Per seminar house
  • Number of bookings
  • Total turnover
  • average turnover
  • Average number of participants per seminar house
  • Per client
  • Number of total participants
  • Number average number of participants
  • total seminar costs generated
  • average seminar costs per participant



We organise the suitable locations. Invoicing then directly to you!

  • Personal consultation
  • Making proposals
  • Cancellation handling
  • Booking
  • Accounting
  • Use booking engine
  • Complete control



We organise the suitable locations for you. Billing runs via us!

  • Personal consultation
  • Making proposals
  • Cancellation handling
  • Booking
  • Accounting
  • Use booking engine
  • Complete control


on demand

You organise the suitable locations yourself via our booking engine.

  • Personal consultation
  • Making proposals
  • Cancellation handling
  • Booking
  • Accounting
  • Use booking engine
  • Complete control

Our mediation process

The customer or the employee gives the order for the seminar room search. Be it already a fixed room from the existing seminar room range or at a desired location of choice.
We are looking for at least three suitable seminar offers, if the seminar house is not yet determined. All offers are checked for

needs and details of the interested party for discrepancies. We keep track of all options for you, so that no options are lost.
Conveniently at the touch of a button, the customer can compare all the original offers of the seminar rooms and decide for or against them.

We coordinate all cancellations of the individual parties that we have requested for the customers.
The seminar location that has been booked will be contacted with all the necessary information so that you receive a reservation confirmation.

We will check the reservation confirmation for you according to the
We check the seminar invoice for you. You choose yourself whether you would like to receive the seminar room settlement directly or whether we should send you an e-bill.

So that you do not have to enter each hotel individually in SAP, we send you a structured settlement via Postfinance into your SAP system.

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