Seminars are our strength.
And so are the appropriate supporting programmes!

Airing your head during or after the seminar - here you will find a selection of suitable social programmes.
For more ideas, call us on 034 533 34 34.

Urban Gardening - natural team event

Become a herb and vegetable gardener in a small space and plant your personal plant bag. Our gardener will take you into the world of urban gardening.

Vocal Percussion - enjoyable handling of our voice

Get your voice swinging with joyful exercises and get in the mood for rhythmic singing together.


Enrich your event with a yodel course. The workshop with a well-known yodeler loosens up the voice and the mood.

Chicken workshop - become a chicken tamer

Discover how smart the "stupid" chicken really is and learn to communicate without words. The ideal workshop for managers and all those who want to become managers.

Team quiz with great food

Book the popular team quiz for your next seminar or company dinner. Excitement and entertainment is guaranteed.

Lavaux wine tour with cold plate

Walk through the vineyards of Lavaux, visit a wine cellar and taste five local wines with a cold plate of cheese and meat.

Build your own stool

Assemble your own tabourettli with the help of the carpenter and then take your stool to the country inn for dinner.

Blind Painting - drawing without inhibitions

Blind Painting - the funny drawing event that lightens up every occasion: You draw your colleagues blind - the result ensures many laughs and a good mood.

Balloon modeling - the workshop to loosen up

This workshop will be airy and fun: tie colorful balloon figures according to instructions or from your own imagination.

Fire breathing - Erlene to tame the fire

Fire is fascinating! Learn with your team in a safe way to tame this natural force and play with it.

Teambuilding Bridge Building with Bambus

Would you like to set off for new shores with your team? Build a bamboo bridge together. Each team member will experience the strength of their own work.

Communication workshop without words

Experience a pantomime show and work with the expert in non-verbal language on the foundations of effective communication.

Electric scooter tour

Discover a rural region or a city of your choice on the e-trolley. Experience a comfortably guided tour for young and old.

Samba do Brasil – Percussion Workshop

Have you always wanted to play samba? - We enable your employees to have a lasting experience of this fun-loving and team-building musical culture.

Build a go-cart with drive

Build a battery-operated cardboard soapbox with your team and then design your own racing car.


To ensure that you are "on fire" for your projects in the future, you and your team will walk over glowing coals.

Cajonworkshop with concert

The cardboard seat drum is quickly built, easy to play and has an amazing sound. Making music together strengthens your team cohesion.

Rollingball Teambuilding

You have never experienced gambling like this before! Bet on the right ball and hope for Fortuna's hand.

Boat building as a team

Watch out, the rubber ducks are threatening to drown in the lake! To be able to rescue them, you first have to build a floating means of transport as a team.

Cocktail workshop in Lucerne or Zug

Let us introduce you to the colourful and fruity world of cocktail mixing and create your own drink as a team.

Soap stone fun

Create your own table grill out of soapstone for the subsequent culinary feast.

Failing successfully

Those who lead an active life inevitably fail now and then. Learn how to become more successful thanks to more composure.

Appear with wow-effect

After this workshop, you will be able to make a confident appearance at any time and stand in front of an audience without stage fright.

Communication workshop: How do I understand my counterpart better?

In this workshop you will deal with the basics of communication in order to better understand your employees in the future.

Business Poker Team Event

Concentration, patience, analytical skills and conflict management: At the poker table you will learn important skills for your everyday work.

Sport Stacking Teamevent

Book Sport Stacking as a relaxation during or after a meeting and thus promote the participants' reaction and coordination skills.

Quiet Being Challenge

Put yourself and your team to the test in fun noise disciplines and be as quiet as possible. It is measured.

Gin distilling in a team

Distill your own gin according to your taste in a traditional copper still under the open sky or in the unique ambience of a monastery pharmacy.

Action Painting as a team event

Whether with the brush, the hands or the feet, whether sprayed, spatulaed or dripped: Bring colour onto the canvas and into your everyday work.

New motivation for your team

Find a new work culture by combining the best of proven processes with new ideas. Become strong together with the support of a coach.

Trust and Team - Teambuilding

Offer your employees the opportunity to get to know each other better, to communicate and to stand up for each other far away from the usual working atmosphere.

Seminar im Emmental mit Aktivitäten

Conduct your next seminar in the Emmental, combine it with a colour trail or a team hike and let yourself be spoilt with culinary delights away from the daily routine.

Business Knigge Day Workshop

Social competence is just as important for professional success as specialist knowledge. In this training you will train the current manners.

Build an large scale marble run outdoors

Let your imagination play and work together to build a huge construction in teamwork.

Careful, don't move! Mikado workshop

Each team member creates a man-sized mikado stick out of wood. But only all the sticks together make a whole game.

Wooden puzzles: how does it all fit together?

Put together the puzzles you have made yourself from square pieces of wood.

Your own aperitif glass

Add a beautiful motif to your aperitif glass and then enjoy a sparkling prosecco from it.

A culinary evening

Take a culinary tour of Basel, Lucerne, Zurich, Berne, Zug or St. Gallen and win the gastronomic competition.

Team action painting

Your team painting will be very invidual and make a lot of fun.

Fish! The motivation and sales seminar

Discover a new way to more success based on the four principles of the Fish! philosophy

Domino workshop for team building or just for fun

Planning intersections, co-ordinating resources - success one step at a time with a domino workshop

Teammeeting on the farm

The adventure inn is equipped for seminars, workshops and meetings. Far away from hectic and routine - guaranteed down-to-earth and inspiring.

Build a marshmallow tower

Make team processes visible - by building a tower out of spaghetti, adhesive tape and a marshmallow as the crowning touch.

Forwards in rhythm together

In this leadership seminar you train drumming values like team spirit, courage, self-management and creativity.

Team drumming

Fill up your energy with drums in a playful way and experience how your team becomes a great band.

Cow bell orchestra

The Cowbell Orchestra is an original and original Swiss short interlude for your meeting or congress.

Laughter workshop

After this laughing yoga training, you too will start every day with a laugh.

Stress reduction workshop

Are you stressed? Learn a few practical tricks with which you can quickly and effectively influence your well-being in everyday life.

Presentation training

Communicate more fascinatingly and present more effectively - this is what you learn in this seminar from a communication trainer and magician.

Teamwork in the dark

In completely darkened rooms your team will be given tasks to perform. To lighten things up, there are interaction games - blindfolded.

Swiss alpine games

Promote team spirit in a playful way: This Alpine Games guarantees fun and trains communication at the same time.

Tricky tasks

Tackle tricky tasks that can only be solved with common skill.

Team building and caving

Combine proven methods of indoor training with well thought-out outdoor training. The cave offers an impressive learning environment.

Segway guided tour

Discover a city or region of Switzerland on two wheels and experience a great new driving experience.

Chocolate workshop

Sweeten your creativity with an insight into the fine world of the chocolatier.

Weld a sculpture

Jean Tinguely is our inspiration in this activity and it’s definitely a hot item. Your teams will weld sculptures out of scrap provided.

Drumming and percussion

Drumming will show you exactly how a group can be more than just the sum of its parts.

XXL Domino workshop for team building

The XXL domino workshop uses A4 or even A3 sized dominos, making this a mega event.

Creative model cars

As a team, build an air-powered vehicle that overtakes all others on the test track. Ideal as a seminar diversion.

Ice sculpture workshop

Carve great sculptures from large blocks of ice with your team. The sculptures are transient, but the fun is lasting.

Games of skill and chance

When was the last time you really played? Pitch yourself against each other in teams and try out your luck and your skills.

Sailing with a wooden yacht on Lake Zurich

Experience carefree moments on the antique wooden yacht, far away from the hectic everyday life.

Three ways to shoot: bow, cross bow, blowpipe

Crossbow, bow and blowgun shooting are the disciplines you will learn and practice in this triathlon.

With bow and arrow

Keeping an eye on the goal while having fun - that's archery.

Parcours for the senses

Hear, feel, smell, taste, see - this course tickles, invigorates and sharpens your senses in a playful way.

Rock your team

Have you always dreamt of playing in a rock band? Let our team make your dream come true.

Wood carving workshop

Bring the wood carvers from the Bernese Oberland into your company and experience a creative team event.

Harmonica workshop

Your party of guests will soon become a blues orchestra with this musical workshop, perfect for social events.

Build and race a go-cart

Build go-carts in teams, decorate them as you please, and then race with them.

Carpet curling - group event

The ideal team relaxation: carpet curling on your premises, in a seminar hotel, or at another venue of your choice.

Chain reaction

Thanks to creativity and good communication, you and your team will set the chain reaction in motion and reach its goal.

Body- and Smallpercussion

Body percussion in combination with small percussion instruments is the ideal short interlude at your meeting or congress.

Testimonials (in german)

16.11.2021 Die Tour hat uns super Spass gemacht und wir haben viel spannendes über Zürich erfahren was wir Aargauer noch nicht wussten ;-) Nathalie Guzman, Alltron AG über «Electric scooter tour»
02.06.2022 Der Schoggi-Workshop war sehr interessant und lehrreich. die Betreuung durch den Confiseur war kompetent und spannend gemacht. Auch war die Versorgung mit Kaffee und Schokolade sehr passend. und die entstandenen Kreationen sind eine schöne, wenn auch kurzlebige Erinnerung. Wir können alle drei Angebote, die wir genutzt haben, sehr weiterempfehlen. Der Spass und die Unterhaltung waren immer da, sei es beim Trottifahren, im Workshop oder beim Mittagessen bei Frau Bolzli. Unkompliziert, flexibel und zuvorkommend. Vielen Dank! Martin Affentranger, IG saubere Umwelt IGSU über «Chocolate workshop»
24.05.2022 Der Trommelcoach vermochte mit seinem Witz und Geduld unsere Truppe zu begeistern. Innert kurzer Zeit waren wir alle konzentriert bei der Sache. Unser junges, zuhörendes Küchenteam meinte, es klang «echt cool». Und wir Teilnehmer mussten selbst zugeben, dass es mit diesem Instrument recht schnell gut klingt. Aber man muss sich sehr auf den eigenen Rhythmus konzentrieren, um nicht aus dem Takt zu kommen. Die Quintessenz: Wenn eine Firma funktionieren soll, muss jeder voll bei der Sache sein und sich mit den anderen abstimmen UND es braucht einen Dirigenten (Chef), der den Überblick behält und reagiert.Ein cooler Teamanlass, den ich sofort wieder machen würde. Schade, hatten wir nur eine Stunde Zeit.PS. Der kritischste Teilnehmer unter uns meinte: «Ich hatte auch schon schlimmere Teambildungsanlässe», was wir durchaus als Kompliment werten. Regula Banzer, Gemeinde Glarus Süd über «Drumming and percussion»
24.05.2022 Herzlichen Dank für die professionelle Anleitung und den kurzweiligen Abend! Hat riesig Spass gemacht :) Lea Waldner, Baloise Versicherung AG über «Build and race a go-cart»
13.09.2019 Es war ein sehr unterhaltsamer, perfekt organisierter und durchgeführter Anlass. Die drei verschiedenen Varianten des Schiesssport kamen bei allen Teilnehmern sehr gut an. Urs Honegger, Voicelan AG über «Three ways to shoot: bow, cross bow, blowpipe»
22.10.2019 What an awesome and powerful team event we had! Everyone, with no exception, enjoyed the drum workshop so much. It was such a pleasure to see everyone's face lighten up into so much laughter and fun. This activity created positive energy, it created a synchronized team-work, it created new leaders that maybe didn't know they could "lead". A collaboration through good listening and keeping the pace. A big thank you to Manuel Siebs!!! You made our day with your enthusiasm, your playful spirit and not to mention the incredible drumming skills, which we could have listened to the whole evening long. All organization, from the starting email contact to delivery of material and the team event itself, were impeccable. It was a pleasure and an absolute success and I would repeat it right away with other teams.  Lisa Giuri, F. Hoffmann-La Roche über «Drumming and percussion»
03.03.2020 Der Domino Workshop bei unserem Homecomingevent kam sehr gut an. Der Workshopleiter war sehr gut vorbereitet, hatte ganz viele verschiedene Materialien dabei und instruierte die Teilnehmer (ca. 40) sehr gut. Die Beratung und Betreuung vor und während des Domino Workshop war sehr gut. Alle Teilnehmer hatten viel Spass und das Highlight am Ende, wenn alle Steine der Reihe nach umfallen, wurde mit grossem Beifall beklatscht. Die Räumlichkeiten wurden sehr gut aufgeräumt und sauber hinterlassen. Vielen Dank für den tollen Domino Workshop. Wir empfehlen diesen sehr gerne weiter. Gesa Jürgens, Executive MBA HSG über «Domino workshop for team building or just for fun»
29.04.2019 250 individuelle Teilnehmer mit einem Teamevent an Bord zu holen, ist nicht immer einfach. Das Eventteam hat es geschafft, den Ehrgeiz in unseren 250 Teilnehmern so zu wecken, dass alle höchst konzentriert gearbeitet haben und um den Sieg kämpfen wollten. Alle waren begeistert von dieser Aktivität!Herzlichen Dank und grosses Kompliment - tolle, unkomplizierte Idee! Barbara Haslach, Hoval AG über «Creative model cars»
30.06.2022 Der Schoggi-Workshop hat unseren Mitarbeitenden sehr gut gefallen und viel Spass gemacht. Gerne wieder! Viola Laubscher, Sieber Cassina + Partner AG über «Chocolate workshop»
01.11.2019 Uns hat es sehr gut gefallen... es war sehr lustig, informativ und hat riesigen Spass gemacht.Wir wären auch noch länger geblieben :-) Vielen Dank Sara Hess, Spitex Luzern über «Three ways to shoot: bow, cross bow, blowpipe»

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