Our service packages

Our service packages are tailored to the different customer requirements. You choose the package that best relieves you. And our service for the basic packages is completely free of charge for you.



We organise the suitable locations. Invoicing then directly to you!

  • Personal consultation
  • Making proposals
  • Cancellation handling
  • Booking
  • Accounting
  • Use booking engine
  • Complete control



We organise the suitable locations for you. Billing runs via us!

  • Personal consultation
  • Making proposals
  • Cancellation handling
  • Booking
  • Accounting
  • Use booking engine
  • Complete control


on demand

You organise the suitable locations yourself via our booking engine.

  • Personal consultation
  • Making proposals
  • Cancellation handling
  • Booking
  • Accounting
  • Use booking engine
  • Complete control


Then contact us via the contact form or call us on 034 533 34 34.

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Questions and answers

Why inquire at seminar locations?

With the customer zone, Seminarlocations offers you a powerful tool to get a grip on your seminar organisation. If you wish, we can also offer standardised accounting. And when it comes to choosing a hotel, you can rely on our know-how - we know our partners and their strengths.

Is the seminar arrangement really free of charge?

Yes, our seminar hotel service is completely free of charge. We can offer this through our partner contracts with the hotels. The offer prices are exactly the same as if you were to enquire directly with the hotel.

Do you know which house suits which workshop?

Having arranged seminars for many years, we know our partners and know which seminar venues are suitable for which events. Whether it's a leadership seminar, management seminar or employee training - we will find the right location for you.

Do you only have seminar hotels in Switzerland?

Our strength is our knowledge of Switzerland as a seminar location. We know our way around here, we are at home here. That's why we also offer small and fine seminar hotels that hardly anyone knows about. For great tips, please ask us.

Do you also have alternatives to the classic seminar houses?

We have the alternatives. There are many inns and restaurants that have halls and rooms that are also very suitable for seminars. The different ambience also means that they don't have the classic seminar house character.

Can our seminar team also benefit from the tool?

If you have your own seminar department and would like to benefit from our sophisticated seminar placement tool, your staff can also do all the placement for your company themselves. It is best to call us to discuss the best options for you.

Will I receive an original offer from the seminar hotel?

Transparency is our strength. Through our transparent booking tool, you receive all information from the hotels in the original. In the customer zone you can easily compare the documents.

Do you check the offers?

We check all seminar offers for you to see whether the hotel has offered in accordance with your specifications. If something does not correspond to your specifications, we contact the seminar hotel and request a corrected offer. We will only deposit the offer for you if everything is correct. If you subsequently have any requests for changes, we will obtain an adjusted offer from the hotel for you.

How do I have a handle on the quote options?

Before the seminar offers expire, we will remind you to extend the validity, book or drop the option. This service is also free of charge. So you never miss an appointment again - we think along with you!

Can the seminars be cancelled at any time?

The general terms and conditions of the individual hotels apply. You will either receive these with the seminar offer or they can be viewed on the hotel's website. We support you in keeping the option and cancellation data under control.

Do you also offer social programmes?

It was through the social programmes that we came to the seminar hotel agency in the first place. We offer almost a thousand social programmes and excursions that will enrich your seminar. These range from drumming events to cooking together to visiting various sights. You can find the offers at www.team-events.ch.

Can I also benefit from the special offers of the seminar hotels?

Since you always receive the original offer from the seminar hotel, you can benefit directly from special offers from the hotel. Many seminar hotels also offer specials and social programmes themselves, which are listed directly in the offer.

We do not want to have dinner at the seminar hotel - alternatives?

If you want to air your head after the seminar and don't want to be in the same four walls all day, we will also send you suitable restaurant ideas near your seminar hotel free of charge.

Can I still make requests after booking the seminar?

Even after booking, you can still make changes. Be it the list of names, the inscription of the seminar room or food wishes. Either inform the hotel directly of your wishes or instruct us to do so.

Can moderators and trainers also request?

We make the search for rooms much easier for facilitators and trainers who offer a lot of training. You concentrate on the training and we concentrate on finding the right rooms for it.

I always book the same hotel, do I need seminar locations?

Working with us also makes sense if you book the same seminar hotels over and over again. Thanks to the large number of seminars arranged, we may have better conditions with the hotels. And we can offer you standardised billing via SAP. This saves you accounting costs.

Can I also request training courses that take place several times a year?

That is one of our strengths! We quickly and easily clarify premises for you for training courses that are to take place in different cities in Switzerland with always the same room requirements. You give us the key data and we look for the right rooms for you.

We have annually recurring trainings on - is there a solution?

At the beginning of each year, we check for you the same rooms as the previous year and the new dates, without you having to do anything. If the rooms from last year are no longer available on your desired dates this year, we will look for a suitable alternative for you.

Can own customers also be considered?

If your company has clients who run a hotel, seminar hotel or restaurant themselves, we can easily include them in the portfolio so that your clients can also benefit from you. So it's a win-win situation.

Is it possible to meet in person for a seminar partnership?

We have a meeting room in the old town of Burgdorf to discuss a seminar partnership together. Personal exchange is always possible with us, whether by phone, email or on site.
Contact us on 034 533 34 34 or via the contact form.

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